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5 Reasons Why Graphic Design Matters

Graphic Design Matters
5 Reasons Why Graphic Design Matter

We discussed in my first blog post what graphic design is, how design is all around us and influences us every single day. We also touched on how marketing materials should attract and engage customers. But what does design exactly do for you? Design should be an important part of your company's marketing strategy, but why? In this blog edition, we're going to discuss in detail five ways graphic design matters to your organization.

1. Good design grabs attention

First impressions are important. The way you present yourself makes a difference. Think of how you prepare for an important business meeting with a potential client. You dress professionally to make a good impression on those present. An unkempt, sloppy appearance or poor communication can negatively affect how people perceive you. The same thing goes for your company's image. Make sure your company's visuals are positive, eye-catching and display professionalism.

2. Consistency builds trust

Organizations with cohesive and consistent design in their communications build trust with their customers. Poor design and inconsistent visuals confuse and turn people away from the message.

Placing your company logo on your all marketing items is not enough. Your business's brand identity, which includes the fonts, colors, design elements, language and logo should be consistent through and across ALL your communications. Graphic design displays the visual personality of your organization–Your business's personality should be shining! All your marketing materials, whether you are using a business card, newsletter, flyer, rack card or web site, should use the same fonts, color palettes, themes and styles. Consistency tells your audience your business is recognizable and dependable. This builds trust and loyalty with your customers.

3. Separates you from the rest

As mentioned in my previous blog, companies are constantly competing for attention. The marketplace in your area probably has many businesses providing similar products and services as yours. It can be challenging for your business to identify who your potential customers are, what they want and how to reach them.

Your business has a specific target market with specific needs. Good graphic design targets the right audience and effectively communicates your brand and separates you from your competitors. The design and language should be unique, appealing and relevant allowing your company to effectively connect with the intended audience.

4. Clarifies your value and points to your content

Customers will notice if you have taken the time to invest in your brand identity. Investment in your visual brand shows customers that you care about your message and your company has value.

Your message, too, is important. The words and language you use matter. Great design along with consistent and quality content influences behavior and gets people onboard with your values and purpose. Your design and story should connect with your customer giving them a clear idea of your company's vision, products and services.

5. Builds customer engagement

An experienced graphic designer will come up with unique ways to build customer engagement. Effective design not only draws the target audience in to interact with your company but keeps customers returning. Social media, newsletters, web sites, blogs and surveys are great ways to build customer engagement and maintain loyalty. Your customers will keep coming back to do business with you if you use consistent design and communications.

Graphic design matters. It helps promote your brand, attract customers, build trust and grow your business. Ultimately, it will pay for itself and then some—making it one of the best possible investments for any small business. Professional graphic design is not an expense, rather it's an investment in your company's brand and future.

Is your current graphic design working to grow your business? Not sure? Connect with me and we'll chat!


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