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What is Graphic Design?

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

What is graphic design to you? Maybe you think it's just logo creation or 'making things pretty'. Or as my son says, "...designing stuff on the computer." Some see it as something that's not really important while others think graphic design is only for companies with big marketing budgets.

What Exactly IS Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using typography, layout, photography and/or illustration which speaks to a target audience. It's art with research, planning and purpose. Graphic design requires a set of tools, namely sketchpads, software and computers. Design can widely vary through use of lines, space, typefaces, shapes, colors and textures. The most common types of graphic design are logos, packaging design, print design and web design. Pixpa has a great article that details the various designers, their tools and more,

A graphic designer is one who knows how to utilize the appropriate tools to create visual concepts. A knowledgeable graphic designer is creative and an effective communicator. They have a good understanding of graphic software, design layout, typography and color theory. Graphic designers understand the end goal of a project and create design based on the message and the target audience.

Why Should You Care?

So why should you care about graphic design at all? Well, for one, it's all around us. From your favorite morning cup of joe to the household products you use every single day, companies are constantly competing for your attention. Just look at the posters, billboards and even street signs you pass everyday on your commute to and from work. We are always being communicated to through symbols, branding, marketing materials and ads. Whether we like it or not, design consciously and subconsciously affects decisions we make every single day.

What Does Graphic Design Mean To Your Business or Organization?

Your business is competing with all these other company designs and marketing strategies to be seen and heard. The marketing materials you use to attract and engage with your customers has to stand out, be visually appealing, organized, and inspire your audience to action. Do your business communications do this? If you need help with your marketing materials, let's chat!


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