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About Me

Picture of Mona McGregor

Hi! I'm Mona McGregor, graphic designer based in Tallahassee. I have a passion for strategically building brands. I love design and providing unique and fresh ways to implement new marketing strategies. Helping build your business is what I do.


Since 1999, I’ve been working with state government agencies to communicate their messages through eye-catching visuals. Through Tu Lan Designs, I partner with local businesses and organizations to create communications and marketing materials that strategically connect with target audiences, promote company brands and build customer engagement.

I'd love to sit down with you or your organization and talk about how we can build your business through design. Drop me a note and we can chat more over coffee,

Did you know?

I love coffee, tacos, sushi and jamming to alt-rock and indie music. I'm married to an amazing guy and we have two crazy, fun-loving kids. In the summer, you can find me and my family fishing and boating. I enjoy running, playing the flute, Netflix and reading books. And, of course, I am a Seminole at heart.

What inspired the name?

Tu Lan, meaning a type of beautiful orchid in Chinese, was my mother’s name. My mother was born and grew up in Vietnam where she met my father during the Vietnam War. My parents then moved to the U.S. where I was born.

I grew up admiring my mother’s gifts of creating beautiful art and music. Like mom, I have always been creating whether through drawing, painting, writing or playing musical instruments. Her influence and her spirit lives on through my work.

The flower is also a symbol of growth and change, not only for myself but the for growth of the businesses and organizations I partner with.

Mental Health

Nearly one in five adults suffer from a mental illness ( However, there is still a stigma that surrounds mental health. Learning to live and understand people who have mental illness helps give a voice to those suffering in silence. There are ways to fight the stigma:




Learn Mental Health Affirming Language

Normalize Mental Health Treatment

Not Contributing to Stereotypes

I grew up in a home with mental illness. And for a long time I was ashamed of it. It took me decades to find my voice and share my story. You can read more at

If you are experiencing extreme feelings of sadness, depression or despair, please reach out to someone, seek professional help or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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